Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trending Styles

                    These are some of  the hot trendy looks for woman going on for the end of  2011 and for the start of 2012 that I seem to enjoy most, but unsure if I can pull any of them off!

                                                           Oversized Large Eyewear-
                                      square or oval, real or fake lens....the"nerdy" look is in

                                   Romi Klinger- my style icon as of 2011, esp due to the hair!

                                                                       Going blonde
                                                                  Skinny Red Jeans

                           Feathers for Jewerly- for earrings and/or necklaces, real feathers or fake

Thanks to Romi Klinger  who is wearing most of these new styles but they are all over the internet and fashion mags. Romi has great style and has her own amazing jewerly line at Should be interesting what other styles come out 2012. Last year it seemed to be a return of 80's.....

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