Friday, December 23, 2011

Things that made me smile this week

This week I found a lot of things I enjoyed looking at online. I think every Friday I would like to share some things I have found on the Internet throughout the week and share them with you. Lets get started.

This week I got amazing news. I had visited a large animal exotic sanctuary 2 years ago and it has been my dream to work there esp. since they are really the only sanctuary in MI. It is about a hr and 15 min from me, but worth the drive. I can not get a paid position there because it is government funded and they can't pay.....but I got accepted as a volunteer(yes there is a process just to be accepted as a volunteer  because past animal work/history is not required, but an advantage/important)  I officially start the first weekend of January. I will be feeding and cleaning enclosures, and possibly doing medical checks for animals such as bears,tigers,lions,reptiles,birds, horses, monkeys, etc. I am beyond excited about this, it is my dream job. I don't care that I am not getting paid, that it will be freezing outside, or that it is a far drive. It will be an amazing opportunity,look great on my resume, and benefit me tremendously. Here are some photos from the sanctuary. These are not my photos, although I have many, but ones from their Facebook website page. Donations always accepted and appreciated!

                                                              How cute is this guy!?!?


           Here are some funny and precious animals that put a smile on my face this week

What an amazing creature!!!
                                                                   Love this face!
                                                                         Best friends.......

                                  Look at these precious babies!!!! ahhh toooo cute!

                                                                         Oooops! FAIL

So no, I do not have babies on the brain, far from it. But I miss my niece and nephew so instead I substitute my missing them by enjoying my friends children! I enjoying hearing about their kids,seeing photos,etc. Still does not make me change my mind of wanting a child, but my friends sure do make beautiful babies!

                      My counselor,her husband, and their daughter. This was taken last winter
                                A little Polish girl,friend of a friend. How beautiful is she?!

     Of course, I can't share photos unless I include my favorites- my niece and nephew

                                Another little polish princess,my friends daughter Amelia

                                         This is my friends first newborn son Nathan.
                                Best Christmas card/birth announcement I have seen!
                                                   My girl Sarah and her daughter Emma

                                                  My friends beautiful daughter Cedella

                                                Now onto the style section for the week........

                                  I am in love with this hair cut and the color is amazing!

                         Wearing lots of braclets- trending. I wish I could pull this look off

Romi Klinger modeling part of her designer line. I am in love with this. It is a  Native Collar  adding Individuality to any outfit. Measuring approximately 31.5inches, this stand out piece features black leather with a patterned fabric trim and black chain fringe.

                                         Easy and cheap way to decorate for the holidays!

Love this!Longhorn Boot Harness, measuring 9.1-9.8inches, features peach and white chains with a copper tone ring and horn charm.

So as I have posted before I love Romi Klingers style and hair (AS YOU CAN EVEN SEE SHE IS IN SOME POSTS/PICS TODAY). I made an attempt to do my hair once again like hers. I have been rocking the "Mohawk/fohawk" since September and I love it. This time I decided to go shorter. Almost buzzed on the sides, long on the top, and giving me 2 ways to wear it.Here are 2 examples of her hair and then examples of mine. I got it cut last night but still got to play around with it!

                                Quotes and phrases that made me laugh and smile this week

                                                             My favorite one this week :)

                          Photos (that are beautiful in my eyes) that I spotted this week

                                                                   Black Vulture

                                                                  Downtown Chicago

                                         A picture of the snow fall my friend took in TEXAS

                    Vintage classic old photos shared by a marine of his father in WWII.

                                    How beautiful and romantic is this !?
And I do believe that is all I have. I hope some of these simple things made you smile also or gave you something to look at for a few minutes. I wish all you out there in blog land a wonderful holiday weekend. Be safe and enjoy your holiday weekend however you choose to spend it.

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