Friday, December 30, 2011

Photographs and Memories- 2011

I am beyond in love with photos and most people know that. I have SOOOOO many favorite photos but I certainly can't share them all. Here I gathered some great photos and memories from 2011. I did not include any of my animals or any from any North Carolina vacation because then it'd be the longest photo blog ever! Don't be sad if I forgot you or left you out, I have way too many photos! Love you all! So here are some fun shots and memories of great things and people from 2011.


                                             Laura and I drinking it up at the bowling alley

                                             Saying goodbye to Squid as he heads to Cali

                                                         Party time at The Whiskey, as usual!

                                              I met Tim this year. He is a great new friend!
                                                                      Me and Lex

                       Meeting Ari Hest, not like it is the 1st time, just another amazing time!
                                                                Tricia's Dirty Thirty
                                            Punchki day in hamtramck- me and the Mikey

                                        Me and Tony T-bone, one of my favorite guys around

                                                       Girls nights get a little weird

                                                               Neds Dirty Thirty

                                                                 I bought my first car!
                                                                   Me and Tizzie

 Stone Temple Pilots Concert- amazing. my friend Mike came into town from IN and got us tickets!
                                               Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Rally
                                               Me and my AMAZING counselor Tessa

                                                      Ladies night at the Whiskey, as usual!

                                             Sandra's wedding and my old cool work crew

                                                                         My yard

                                             The Detroit Zoo for Lindsey's 29th birthday

                                                    Memorial Day party- Me and Evans

                                                                        Pride Fest 2011

                                                Hanging with my "goddaughter" Sophie

\                                 The start to my Dirty Thirty Celebration- GLEE Concert!

                          2 days before my birthday, Prohibition Fundraiser which was beyond fun

                                       My Dirty Thirty- Matt Nathanson in concert-best bday!

\                                         Birthday at the Whiskey after the concert!

                                   My Dirty Thirty Party at my house, here with Chelsea
                                            Dave and I at Beduoin Soundclash Concert


\                                                Fun times at The Whiskey, as usual!

Up North Trip to Gladwin with Joey and friends
                                                          Tigers Game with Greene


                                                             Sophies 2nd birthday

                                                  Labor Day/Hamtramck Festival

                                                  Fundraiser for the Hamtramck Festival

                                                      Kathleen's sisters Bachelorette Party


                                              My annual Halloween/football party bash

                                                              Cider Mill fun with Lindsey

                                                         Halloween at The Whiskey

                           Tricia and MJ's Halloween Part- She was Kim K and rocked it!

             No pictures were really taken in November except 700 photos in North Carolina!


                                                       Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

                                                    Fun times at the Whiskey, as usual!

                                          Me and my old good friend Kevin at a holiday party
                                                                       Max and Santa

And their we have it folks. Hope you enjoyed a little recap of 2011. I am excited for 2012 and can't wait for photo opportunities and I hope you enjoy looking at my photos when I share them.


  1. I appreciate you keeping the photos of me to a minimum. :oP

  2. haha your welcome. we only have a few super good ones!