Wednesday, December 7, 2011

North Carolina- The Vacation Adventure Begins

I got on the road at 7 am and left Detroit. It was a cold morning wearing my hat,hoodie,and sweats ready for an 11 hr drive. I enjoy driving to NC. I promised myself I was going to return phone calls to people I have not spoken to in a while but then my brain got shut off. I started thinking about 1,000 things. I wish I could tape record all the thoughts that went through my mind during that 11 hr drive- many things come into my brain. Once I got into the hilltops and mountain areas I had on and off rain plus fog. It is a bit scary going around mountain curves at 50mph with fog...not fun and my paranoia kicked in for sure.
                The mountains looked like they were on fire with all the fog seeping out of them
I got to Pilot Mt which is in Virginia about 50 minutes away from my brother and on the edge of NC. It is so beautiful with or without fog.    

I arrived to my brother (tony) and my sister in laws(Laura's) home that evening. I was greeted by cute Adah playing with her toys and newly born Sullivan in Laura's arms. I wanted to hold Sullivan right away. He was so cute. I know newborns do not do much-they cry,sleep,poop, and eat right? But waiting and watching them develop and grow is so amazing. Sullivan Bruce weighs around 9lbs now and is 1 mth old. He looks a lot like my brother and has lots of dark hair. He has amazing big blue eyes that Laura thinks are going to stay. I said he wants to be like his aunts because me and Laura's sister both have blue eyes :)

I held Sullivan that night,chatted with my family, played with Adah a bit while she got used to me and went to bed early. On Wednesday, my first full day there, I woke up to find Adah and my brother prepping Thanksgiving dinner. They were making Pumpkin Cheesecake pie. I started to see Adah as a different child. Just 4 mths ago when I saw her last,she was very smart,but seeing her now amazed me. Her smartness increased. Seeing how she copies EVERY single word you say(so you must be careful!) and wanting to be a part of what you are doing is adorable. This kid likes to cook and help clean.
She helps with laundry,washing things, and doing dishes. She is a little OCD just like my brother when it comes to that,but hey no harm done right?! My brother showed her how to blend the crust and what buttons to push. It had to be one of the cutest moments I saw on my entire trip.
After this project it was time for some Adah and auntie time. She had a fun filled morning of cooking and playing so we ventured outside. In NC that day, it was a nice warm 62 degree fall day. The seasons change slower there than they do in MI so their were still some leaves on the trees and the beautiful fall sun shined perfectly on the leaves.
Adah and I went for a walk. She knows to hold your hand.
She walked with me and wanted to explore. Since she is a neat freak, she had to make sure anytime leaves were being blown into the street, she would pick one or two up and put them back in the giant pile of leaves. All the sticks had to be in that pile too until she found a giant big stick that she wanted to play with!
She found lots of fun things on our little adventure outdoors. She saw a dog, rocked her sunglasses on the sunny day, and even played at home on her swing and slide.

what is this, spikes??!!
                                                          Proud Aunt Andrea and Adah
                                                          Squatting down to see a dog

After this, Adah was all tuckered out and had a nap. When she got up,it was time to paint. I was amazed at her artistic ability. She is so smart when it comes to painting. She has a full paint set up. She seems very into it when she is painting- such serious faces! Laura's dad is a painter so it is quite possible she could have a painting future. Regardless, I love that she paints and I have a few of our "portraits" that we did at my house hanging on my fridge. As I sat there taking pictures of her, she decided she wanted me to help. I for one lack MAJOR artistic abilities. I can't even draw a damn cat, but she doesn't know the difference...well maybe. I drew a bear head and she said it was a pumpkin....
 She stands on top of the chair when she needs to get to the top of the painting.
                                                           Adah and I painting together
Being silly together after we got done washing our hands from painting
The cutest thing about this day was Adah showing me how she brushes her teeth. I didn't think this was real! But it was. She has her little step stool and I poured some toothpaste on her brush. She brushed her teeth, knew how to "spit", rinse,and wipe her motuh. The best part of it all is her having her hand on her hip while brushing. I mean hell, I do this often, how does she know?! And why not!?


On Thursday it was the best feast day of the year. My parents and grandma arrived in the middle of the day. But before that,Adah and I spend the morning playing. First up, we stayed in our PJ's til about noon. She watched Kermit the frog on TV. Though she really doesn't know who he is, she does know he is a frog and was amazed to watch him.
Now it was time to play the game "come chase me" This girl is so goofy. She had me try to get her and chase her into her bedroom where she would jump on her bed,I'd tickle her,and we'd laugh together. This was a routine that was done over,and over, and over, and over, and you the point! She wore me out but it was super fun. That giggle she has melts my heart.
Adah took a nap then my parents and grandma came. It was so great to see this. My parents miss Adah so much and now having our new family addition Sullivan,it makes things harder. Adah is 22mths old now and my grandma hasn't seen her since she was 5 mths. She fell in love though with Sullivan. All she wanted to do was hold him and pinch his cheeks.
                                                             My Mom fell in love instantly
                                                My Dad held Sullivan like a football!!

It's game time- Lions Football!
My brother is a part time cook and he is really good at it. He always makes amazing meals for me when I am there so you can only imagine his turkey talents. He made an amazing meal filled with:
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes
green bean casserole
pumpkin cheesecake pie
and I am sure I am forgetting thing!
                                                         Laura,my brother, and Adah
Before and after dinner we hung out as a family- we took pictures, gave Adah gifts and watched Sullivan sleep.
The best gift Adah probably got for Thanksgiving was her new guitar. My brother plays and she enjoys it so my parents got her one. She started to play with it right away, even used the guitar pick. What a perfect toy for her!!


  1. Awwwwww! I love Adah!! She reminds me so much of Cedella. Especially when she's cooking in the kitchen with your bro. And Sullivan is adorable. What a happy and blessed Thanksgiving you had!

  2. Thnaks! Yes I think Adah and Monk are so much a like!
    And yes thank you I find Sullivan quite cute too :)