Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amazing jewels

So while I was in North Carolina I rediscovered my love for jewelry. I have to be in the mood to wear a bracelet, but I am usually a fan of wearing a necklaces or earrings or both. In Greensboro and Raleigh I went to a few shops where a lot of stores carried homemade designs from local artists. Designs included purses,Jewelry,clothes,pills,soaps, lotions, pillows. The pillows at the Greensboro store won my vote because they were of owls and my sister in law and niece love them so I got a very cool handmade owl pillow for my niece Adah.

In Greensboro,NC I went to and they have the best vintage stuff I have ever seen! Such amazing prices. In the vintage side I found a beautiful beaded orange necklace. I also got a ring that was made out of a wooden button, so simple yet so cute

On the homemade designer side,the designer for these items on the link I provided was there when I was browsing. He was super nice(plus he owns 6 french bulldogs so he won my vote!) We talked a bit about his designs. He really has some amazing stuff. I got this great bracelet from his collection- the beading is made out of bone fragments held together by a wooden clapse

I also got 2 more rings- one is a black rose and the other is silver wire with a black stone in the middle. (all handmade)

                                                    Here is a picture of all my buys!

They also had a really cool Tea section in the local designers section. They had teacups- one with Johnny Cash that says "burns burns burns" and one with Lionel Richie that says "hello"

                                                  But this one has to be my favorite:

I have also rediscovered my love for jewels and accessories I already have. Seen in thes pictures- a sweet necklace and scarf I bought 6 mths back from Nordstroms

And check out this link from celeb Nicole Richie, she is feeling the same way as I am!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All journeys come to an end......

There are 1,000 things I want to write about right now. After 22 hrs of total driving to and from NC my brain really did think and cleared out. Plus my vacation was amazing because so many wonderful things occured that made me so happy. And obviously you must know it is always nice to get away.

I will update my blog randomly this week and next. I want to have pictures included with my stories and they are not uploaded just yet. I got home at 8 pm last night and back to work today, yuck! Have a good day friends!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Links,pics, and fun stuff!!!

Here are a few fun things I have seen recently that entertain me. Maybe they will entertain you also!

 Read this, I think it's fantastic. I personally like #23 and #29

Kelly Osbourne is rocking a new hair color- grey with violet undertones. Do we like or dislike?

Please see if you can help my friend

I am re posting this for my friend Jason Bosch.
The last 3 years I've been dealing with kidney failure. I feel great, but I need to finds a donor. If your interested in maybe being a match for me it would be greatly appreciated. To get tested call st John transplant @ 313-343-3047. I am eligible for one now, but don't need it yet. I just need to line one up. If your not a match for me maybe you can help someone else out. I am already on a list but a live donor is better. I hate asking and I know I'm not the first. This is real I'm not joking. I know I joke a lot.

This is a hilarious website, check it out

The woman I get my hair style based after, Romi Klinger - star of The Real L Word and jewelry maker has a bad ass website. Check out her website with her thoughts and also check out her jewelry line! It is a little pricey but I love it!

AND LASTLY how can you not get a smile while looking at cute animals? Check out to put a smile on your face whenever it is needed!

Goobye Michigan,Hello North Carolina! Plus weekend update

Good morning friends. It is a chilly Monday morning here in Michigan, 34 degrees to be exact. Eeek. Tis the season right? Well I thought I'd share what was on my mind and give a weekend wrap up!
Friday night I went and saw Breaking Dawn with my girls!!!!
So I have indeed read all the books and I always find the books to be better than the movies, the have so much more detail and I always found with the Twilight series so much more is taken out. It frustrates me. Oh well, what do you do? But when it came to Breaking Dawn Part 1, soooo much more was cut out than I could have imagined! It was about 2 hours and yes it was really good. I love the series and don't think I'll ever hate the movies, but it wasn't as amazing as expected. I think it could have been more amazing with less stuff cut out from the book, a lot of major story lines were cut. But the wedding,the honeymoon, the pregnancy, and how they made Bella look was all amazing. I also know part 1 doesn't have as much action as part 2 of the book and what the movie will have, it's kind of like the beginning intro. But dammit, I got to wait 1 yr to see it! Bummer. After the movie I went to the girls house. I saw their first apartment, I am so proud of these ladies! They did all the work themselves and it looks fantastic! we got to catch up too, it was great. lovely friend night.
Then Saturday I did all my errands. I went to Kohl's and got a hoodie for me and a scarf and some gifts for my niece and nephew. I also wanted to buy EVERYTHING! They had major sales going on and so many beautiful clothes in the woman's department. I hate being broke when you need and want new clothes :/ I did find a super cool new toy!! Check out this link!
You can make cupcakes,muffins,donut,etc all within like 5 minutes and small amounts. It works great when you want to make a small bundle or good for a single living alone person haha like me. I ALWAYS make way to much pasta and food for myself. this is a great product!
After Kohl's I went to Hobby Lobby and Target- more freaking sales, god dammit!!!
I did pick up a cute new hat
I also got 2 cds for my drive- The new Coldplay and also Breaking Dawn Soundtrack. I browsed a bit and looked at things keeping my checkbook and debit card away from me. I was there to shop for things on my list to get stuff for my vacation and other little reasons. It really sucks.The only thing that helped me was the amount of people in the stores. I was almost sweating and my anxiety gets to high with that many people.So it was a good excuse to get in,get out.
Then after all that was done I just relaxed Saturday evening and watched tv.
Sunday I slept in super late but I got everything done I needed to- I am shocked still today that I did. I vacuumed,mopped,cleaned,yard work,raked leaves,did ALLLLL laundry-mine and the "pets", tended to all animals such as bathing,nail trimming,etc. The list does on and then I had to pack! Ugh. It def. was a non stop day.
I always over pack too, does anyone ever seem to have that problem also? The weather in NC is going to be 55-65, that's a big difference, in my opinion. I always gotta bring outfits for any occasion. But hey no biggie to me, I rather have everything I want or need.
 But what got me when I was packing was how much I wished I was packing indefinitely to be moving there. My face lights up when I think of NC, maybe because I look forward to it or maybe because I am ready for that change. Whatever the reason, I am just content with my decision to want to move to NC and I SHALL make it happen.

Louis was helping me pack and organize things

 It just has to do with money and if I had some more I'd be there right now living! Plus all the stores I hit up over the weekend made me want to go into total redecoration mode!!! Sadly the downer part of my weekend was these damn nightmares. I take my meds that I am suppose to at night but sometimes I can't battle threw these night terrors. And even when I am having an amazing dream, somehow it turns into a bad one. My muscles in my neck are super tense and my back,mostly lower,ACHES. I think it's due to the way I sleep-tossing,turning,and fighting things off. I feel like a solider on the battlefield. I love the room I in at my brother place in NC.It's in the basement,soundproof, and no windows so PITCH black and darkness. I can not wait to sleep and get rest all though as much as I just want to sleep I won't, I have two babies I want to play with!
So now I am at work writing this in between phone calls or while I am placed on hold. I am praying the day files by. I have a few things to get done tonight, but then I am packing up my car and getting some shut eye. I plan to leave by 6:30-7 am. It is an 11 hr drive,maybe 30 min more but I want to leave on time so I don't get caught driving in the mountains super late!!! I did it last Thanksgiving and it can be kind of scary!I don't have  Internet at my brother house and it's too hard to blog on my tiny cell phone so this will be my last blog for the week. I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and I will up date when I get back!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Weekend Friends

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am beyond excited it is Friday and it has been one long week that I have been praying to rush by.I have just been feeling off today- weird feeling in my throat,very tired, and my pinched nerve area is very flared up and sore, ouch my shoulders hurt. I have decided to take my muscle relaxer and drink a mt dew to help solve these problems for the time being.We shall see.....
I am off work in about 2 hrs. I am very excited about tonight though. Call me silly for loving vampires but I do. And I will be seeing the much awaited Breaking Dawn Part 1 this evening.

I have read all the books, I own them all, and I own all the soundtracks. I am in love with the story line, minus the fact that vampires glitter and werewolves boys parade around in tiny tight ripped jean shorts. But the story of Edward and Bell just gets to me, I adore it. I always liked vampires from back in the day and that love continues by any new vampire movie or t.v. show,even if they are cheesy and silly. Every time a Twilight movie comes out, me and my friends Janelle and her girlfriend/fiance go and see it opening night. I remember when New Moon came out and I was in the hospital 24hrs before for a severe ulcer and vomiting blood but somehow I went to the movies still the next day. I guess that proves my love for the movie...and my friends.
I don't see them as much as I used to.They used to live next door to me up until like 2 yrs ago. So tonight is not just a movie night, but a catch up night and they bought a new apartment so I am excited to see that! Here is a pic of me and my lesbian bitches, which is what I call them. We have lots of fun names for each other :) Laura is the one with the hat one and Janelle is,well the other girl!

The rest of my weekend consists of many things:

Stocking my house with pet food
Errands at target,petsmart,Kohl's,hobby lobby
Cleaning the house
Reorganizing some things/putting things way-  I got a bunch of vintage clothes,purses, and shoes that my grandma was gonna pitch!!!! So I gotta sort threw all this awesomeness I got!
Tons of laundry and house cleaning
Raking leaves
I know those are only a few things and it doesn't sound like much but it is. I am very ocd so I make TO DO LISTS and this one is big and long. Ah well, I should get it done but I won't be doing anything fun this weekend except the movie tonight.
Monday I work and then Tuesday around 6:30a.m, so I hope, I am headed down to Greensboro,NC and I CAN NOT WAIT!

A powerful story that can help others.Please read.

A lot of people know I was/am a victim of domestic violence. I was attacked by my boyfriend- he tried to kill me. I can re post and share that story another time.... For right now I want to share someone else's story. I haven't met this amazing woman Erin but we talk through a Facebook site/group where people can unite and communicate and discuss personal issues they have been through,triggers,etc and esp PTSD. Please take a moment and read this article. Though her situation is different than mine, I can relate to her because I go through triggers and battle emotions daily. It just takes power and strength to not think about it and move past it day by day.

dream about blood.
Its bitter, coppery taste fills my mouth.
I see it, dark and oily, pooling around the broken body on the asphalt.
I wake up screaming – hands outstretched, like Lady MacBeth looking for blood on my hands, wrists, sheets.
My days are no better. At the sound of squealing tires, my left hand flies to shield my eyes while my right one clenches. I can no longer sit in a car longer than 30 minutes without medication.
Exactly three years ago today, I killed a pedestrian on the Long Island Expressway. The accident wasn't my fault.
The detective in charge of the case looked me in the eyes and told me so.
Yet, still, I am haunted.
He died because my car ran him over.
Countless conversations with priests and counselors will never change that. Sometimes, it is hard to go on knowing what I did.
And yet I do.
I must.
Living honorably is my way of paying tribute.
And yet, so often I feel as if I am perpetrating a fraud when I try and do something kind. It's as if I have become so tainted by the accident that I can never be good again. Sometimes, I think it would have been easier if I had died, too.
Each day, I wake up wondering which 113 Americans will die in traffic accidents. Will it be the little girl in pigtails who's not wearing a bike helmet? Will it be some of my UB classmates, who drink too much and drive too fast and think they are invincible? Or will it be the father of four who talks on his phone as he steps off the curb?
One hundred and thirteen people. Those are the statistics, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That's 42,000 a year. Another 350,000 Americans are injured yearly.
I wish those numbers were abstract for me. But ever since a little after noon on that sunny November day three years ago, when I was heading home from my job as an editorial aide at a public relations office, steadily doing 55 mph on the Long Island Expressway in my tan Nissan Sentra, and thinking how happy I was to have my boyfriend down from Buffalo, those numbers are indelibly inked on my psyche.
So are my memories of the psychiatric ward, where the ambulance brought me after the accident. It's a place where chairs are bolted to the ground, men walk around in nothing but diapers, and the smell of antiseptic pervades. I didn't belong there, but yet, I didn't belong outside either.
My boyfriend, his parents, and a large dose of medication saved me.
The sedative blurred the pain. My boyfriend got me out, took me home, wrapped me in my pink, flannel squirrel pajamas, and kept me safe from phone calls, news articles, and TV coverage of the accident. He also saved me from myself.
I wandered around the house like a living ghost, with a bottle of sedatives in my bathrobe pocket. Often, I prayed I would fall asleep and not wake up.
Yet even my dreams couldn't shield me. I kept re-experiencing the accident.
It's always the same. The sky is bright, the cars are few. It is a little past noon and I am almost home. I am excited to have my boyfriend back on Long Island, and even more excited to have the house to myself.
I move into the right-hand lane because my exit is coming up. A silver car has barely pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. I pass the car and feel a little "thump." No big deal, nothing major, I think, perhaps the sideview mirror.
I pull over, fish my cell phone out of my purse and start to call 9-1-1. I look out my windshield and notice that the passenger side of my hood looks like a crushed paper fan.
I get out of the car, hold the phone and walk toward the other car. Then I see it.
"Oh my God, I hit…There's a man…Please…Oh my God…NOOOOO!"
As if Ali, 30, was pronounced dead at 1:21 p.m. at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center. But he really died on the asphalt. I know. I was standing there when the EMT said it.
When he did, I passed out.
The next few days are a kaleidoscope of vicious images. There is the congealing blood, his lone sneaker on the highway, the twisted bits of tan yarn from his sweater stuck in the mangled grill of my car. There's the pulsating light from the police cruisers and the whir of the MedEvac's helicopter blades. There's the sting of gravel biting into my cheek when I fell to the ground.
I can't get any of this out of my head – ever.

I walked away with no external injuries, but inside I was lost. I had killed someone. Because of me, Ali's daughter would grow up without a father.
I got nightmares, and I now live with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Like veterans coming back from combat, I keep reliving the trauma. It's made me angry, bitter and nasty. It's made me hurt the people trying to take care of me. In the months after the accident, I punched my sister in the jaw and decked her over a trip to the supermarket. I almost sabotaged by best friend's relationship. For a year, I yelled at anyone whom got in my way.
I knew I had to change. I couldn't stay in Smithtown, Long Island. I couldn't be near the accident. In June of 2009, I moved to Buffalo to be near my boyfriend. But the nightmares continued.
I could no longer drive a car – what if I killed someone again?
I could no longer even sit in a car without medication – what if someone else killed someone?
I couldn't even cross a street without getting panicked. My friends have started holding my hand, which is humiliating. I still can't watch the news, see a film about a crash, or even hear the sound of screeching brakes without getting panicked.
In April 2010, I had an attack inside my friend's Jeep. I couldn't stay in the car any longer, so I jumped out while he was driving on Route 33.
My head slammed into the pavement. My left leg scraped the asphalt until it was raw. My friend's Jeep was inches from running me over.
I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which meant more hospital time, more medicine and more pain.
The head injury causes memory loss, migraines and aphasia.
But it also woke me up.
My best friend said he could no longer be around me. I was too angry. Too crazy. Too troubled.
That's when I realized I had to come to terms with the accident and with myself.
I found a great therapist and enrolled at UB to study English and anthropology. I'm a junior now, and I'm determined not to let this accident define me.
I'm also determined not to let this all have been for nothing. A friend asked why I would tell such a personal story in such a public way.
If even one reader is more cautious as driver or pedestrian, then sharing has been worthwhile. Preventing another tragedy is worth the discomfort I've experienced with what I have chosen to write.
There is another reason. It is not often you get the chance to publicly apologize. I was not a nice person after the accident; I hurt a lot of my friends and family. They did not deserve it and there are no excuses. I am sorry.
I will never be that innocent girl driving on that sunny November day. But I can choose who I become.
I owe that to Ali's memory and to myself.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day with sweet North Carolina Dreams

I wonder where the term hump day came from for a Wednesday. It interests me...hmmm

Well anyways, I hope you are all having a good week so far. We are mid way threw! My countdown for my vacation is on- 6 days until I shall drive 11 hours threw the mountains to be in North Carolina with my brother,sister in law, my 21mth old niece Adah James, and I will meet my new nephew 3 week old Sullivan Bruce. I will be spending 5-6 days with them including Thanksgiving with them. My mother,father,and grandmother will also be joining us. I look forward to seeing my friends that live in Charlotte. I also will visit the city of Raleigh to check it out. My goal is to be moving to NC summer 2012, it just depends on my money situation, that's the only reason I am not there yet because my savings account, lets just say is pretty damn empty.  I have checked out Charlotte,Raleigh is up next, and then whenever my next visit to NC is I will check out Asheville. I hear Asheville is in the mountains and very "artisty". Sounds lovely to me. I shall then make a decision! I need to do this, it must happen. I wanna be someplace else. Don't get me wrong, I love love love Detroit, my home, my friends(esp my closest Lindsey and Kathleen) and my family....but it's time for a change.
I see this more so when I get videos and photos of the kids and it makes me miss them even more.My brother and I were always close and my sister in law Laura and I have bonded now.  I miss the kids growing up and I want to be a part of that. I wanna move for myself  for sure, but also to be by my family and make a change for myself.

So I got a bunch of photos today sent to me but I am not posting them to Facebook per request of my family members, but I just wanted to share these:
Here is a picture of my niece Adah. Every month on the 4th (because her birthday is Feb 4th) her picture is taken with some kind of cute sign saying how old she is. She is 21 mths now and this funny witty sign is the best yet. Plus her hat makes the photo!
Sullivan is now 3 weeks old and weighing in over 8lbs. I can't wait to meet him and hold him

Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Survive a Monday- think of the future

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a nice weekend. My weekend was calm and relaxing. I stayed in the entire weekend- well stayed in means stayed away from the bar! I saved money from not drinking and saved my body from any type of hangover.  I had a nice movie night with my friend Teri on Friday. We watched The Change Up- I highly recommend it, it was so damn funny. Here I am just enjoying a nice relaxing night.

I went to bed and I had an awful nights rest. I suffer from nightmares and night terrors. I had absolutely no triggers to make me have these dreams except the stress of a situation that has gone on with me over the past 4 weeks. that situation is done now,thankfully, and the story will be told at some point soon.... (Genevieve i know, i still owe you an email) But it was awful, I woke up 3 times crying and my body was full of sweat. I usually like 85% always remember my dreams, but these I couldn't pinpoint who was in my dream this time which scares me more. So after sleeping almost 12 hrs which is insane, I felt like I slept for only 2 hrs. My holy mind and body was 100% out of wack ,shaking,and feeling abnormal for a good 5 hrs. I did my quick errands (petsmart and the dollar store) and came home.
My girl Lindsey then joined me and we watched American Horror Story. If you haven't started watching this show I also highly recommend you do that now too- American Horror Story info,photos,etc

Having Lindsey over made my evening. To chat with her and hang with her makes me feel so good and always helps my mind settle.She is the most amazing best friend and when I move summer 2012 to North Carolina I have no clue what I am going to do without her. Here is me and Lindsey, our most recent photo, haha- Halloween 2011. She was a witch and I was Chong.

Then on Sunday was the normal Sunday- it was a windy half sunny Fall day but I did get some amazing photos of the trese-before their leaves are blown away!

 I got an oil change,grocery shopping, hit up Victoria's secret(7 panties for 26 bucks, how can you beat that!??!! ) I came home and did yard work,laundry,and cleaned the house. By 7pm I was finally done, phew. I made yummy tacos and watched a line up of great TV shows. And here I am now, on 7 hrs of sleep and wide awake and feeling good today.

I just hope this week flies by, I am leaving to go to North Carolina on the 22ndfor a week to see and stay with my family, hang with my adorable niece Adah and meet my new 3 week old nephew!!!  Look how cute he is- Sullivan Bruce, I can't wait to meet you.
 So how am I going to survive this Monday, or hell the rest of the week? I am going to keep busy by packing and getting stuff organzied at home and ready for my trip.
Most importantly I will think of the future- as in next week. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What does Defying Gravity mean?

My last quick post of the day is why I named this blog Defying Gravitiy/Andreaisdefeyinggravity
It is from Wicked and I love the cover from Glee. But the words mean a lot to me,esp right now at this time in my life

"Kurt" and "Rachel" from Glee- Defying Gravity

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
 I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap!
It's time to try defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!
I'm through accepting limits ''cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of Losing love
I guess I've lost Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!
I'd sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!
I'd sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you won't bring me down!bring me down!ohh ohhh ohhhh!

Is it ok to eat chocolate cake at midnight?

Last night after I got home from my hair appointment, I was just ready to sit on the couch and relax. I wanted to watch some tv and fall asleep early. I then got an emergency phone call from my friend saying her dogs got into a bad fight. Everything she told me instantly reminded me of the situation that occurred 8/17/2010 when I had to put my beloved Wallace pup to sleep for attacking another dog/aggression,etc etc. It was like she had my story word for word and it scared me, but it scared her more and I knew she needed me. I rushed over there with all the stuff I could find at home to clean up bite wounds- mind you, I had no clue how bloody this was going to be. They have 3 dogs, 2 are pitbulls. I fully support the pitbull breed but you always have to be on guard. So when I got there I checked the dog that was attacked. She seemed to be in good spirits. It was freak thing- no clue why Chance attacked Kiera but their def was some kind of odd trigger. You can never fully trust an animal. Well Kiera turned out to be ok. it was not as near as bad as i thought it would be or could have been. she did have a puncture wound and tiny hole to the side of her head. I cleaned it very good and put some ointment on her. I gave her a full PE also. No I am not a vet, but I am a tech and I know how to evaluate any emergency situation. I checked over cCance and he was fine. But I told him he was a bad boy and kept saying sternly "WHAT DID YOU DO" and he KNEW! I then went over information with them. They have choices- get rid of 1 of them but which one? put to sleep? to soon to decide that. i went over a bunch of training techniques with them and what they should do now. They basically need to start fresh and make the dogs know they are the master. kinda like Cesar Millan, I truly believe in everything that man teaches. So I will help Justine and her boyfriend if needed, they have their hands full with 3 dogs but willing to do this. Justine is also a vet tech student so she has some knowledge but this is as good learning situation for her too. So that took 2 hrs and by then my sleepy meds were kicking in- I took them 20 min before I got the dog bite phone call. I headed home around 12:15. I was so hungry and I didn't wanna cook at that hour. I needed something in my belly though. So I decided to eat chocolate cake. My girl Kathleen bought me the most amazing cake from Eastern Market this past weekend
I highly suggest if you are ever at Eastern Market to pick this up. Or they sell it at a deli/bakery in Ann Arbor. So that was my dinner, at midnight. How is that suppose to help me wanna lose weight and eat better?! Well, I guess I will have to forgive myself this one time. I had a long rough day. Then I slept for only about 6 hrs which was not nearly enough.I then began today- same routine every day. Now that I have been employed for 2 mths I am on a set schedule again. Still very hard for me to wake up early though. I get up at 6:50, hit snooze for 10 minutes, then I am up. Shower, get ready, feed the cats,dog, ferret,and reptiles. Grab my juice or milk for the day plus crackers and a granola bar and I am out the door. Then I am here sitting behind a desk all day making phone calls to vet hospitals trying to get them to sign up with our/my companies. I have the same routine when I get to work too- bathroom,take my meds, eat a banana, turn on computer....Cold calls sucks, they are not fun. I have the ability though to type this blog up in between phone calls/while I am calling places and out on hold. I also get to catch up on my news and other things. It works. I have a cubicle, I am in a little hole to myself. that's OK,i prefer it that way. And that's pretty much where I am at now. Lunch is soon, I get a hr lunch. Sometimes its needed and sometimes it is really unnecessary. Then after today I am so excited to get home and relax for once, I feel like I haven't been able to in  awhile. I have been so stressed about money,work, and my love life that I need more me time- like me and me only. So I plan on making a nice dinner and curling up on the couch to watch Vampire Diaries,Greys Anatomy,Whitney, and The Office. Sounds like a good night to me right? Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and is ALMOST the weekend.

Hair care? Don't care!!!

Well I could start this blog by retelling all my stories, but I am not going to do that. They will come in time when I am ready to ahve story time. For now, I will tell you about my past 24hrs.- well this blog is about hair. :)

I had a long day at work yesterday, I was 100% exhausted-physically,mentally,and emotionally for I have been going threw somew rough crap over the past few weeks(that story will be told at some pt) But I felt excited to go to the hair salon after work. Everytime I go there I am happy. I have been seeing my current stylist for 10 yrs and we have a close bond.  I always like to change up my cut and color- i am risky. Although I would be riskier if I didn't have a "professional job": such as dying my hair HOT pink. So I have been rocking a mini little mohawk for about 2 mths now and I love it. It takes time to get used to it but I really think it suites me,for now...until I get bored.
My inspiration was Romi Klinger who I discovered by watching The R L Word on Showtime. She  is an amazing jeweler designer and a powerful woman. This is where I got the inspiration for my hair cut:
She is so beautiful right?! and you can see some of her designer line that she is wearing- check out her site, its great and unique. she is very free spirited. Well anyways,  I got it cut this way and have been rocking it for a bit now but at this appointment I had last night I wanted to change it up a bit. The sides needed to be cut in more, my hair was looking to box- like shaped on top. And I last dyed my hair a nice choc. bornw, which stayed so good and I loved- but I always need more than 1 color in my hair.Thats just me, esp when it comes to red....huge fan

So Romi then decided to dye her hair hot pink sayng "Pink Hair.Don't care" I think it looks amzing on her. I want the balls to do this. I have had light pink and all sots of red, but how hot is this? Well too bad I work in a professional work place where I think they'd not be accepting of it,least not for me- I have only have been here for 2 mths. So instead I went for brown again, with a light tint of purple to bring out the color. After the mohawk was trimmed (I keep my back longer than Romi does to form a full mohawk) my hairdresser added red to the mohawk and tips. It actually blends very naturally and I really like it!!!  


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here we go......

So I had a blog that I didn't use much so I decided to start over. I really enjoy blogging and I really enjoy writing for my own good. Sometimes I just need to get out my feelings, and it helps me- wither it be on paper,the Internet, to a friend, or in my own personal journal. This if for you to read and for me to write. Feedback and opinions welcome.Please become my follower! I hope you all enjoy reading the tales I shall share with you.