Friday, January 27, 2012

Design your home in your own unique way

"The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace." - gaston bachelard

I am so in love with this site. I am in desperate need of wanting to remodel my home but I am also moving at some point this year so what is the point? I have so much stuff that is old and needs to be thrown away but it is hard to part with. I also have so many ideas of how I want my new home to be decorated and how I want it to look. It is exciting to think of this. IKEA is my main choice but surprisingly Target,Walmart, Marshalls, and Bed, Bat,h and Beyond all have amazing home buys. Actually the vintage shops are my favorite for finding home goods. Sometimes I like a simple room or sometimes I like a busy room. I have a really unique weird style. Each room in my home is a different color and a vibrant color and their is a theme for every room. I still would like to continue this tradition when I move. This site helps me explore my options to see different ways to decorate and how to help me out with the things I have. You don't always have to get rid of your things, but organization is the key. I have too much clutter for my small home. This site always has pictures of just beautiful homes, some that obviously I could never have but nice to see and view. I mostly take the decorating tips from this!Some of these homes are so unique made from wood or stone. Some have vibrant amazing colors. some have odd shapes. They are so cool to look at! Some homes are made of wood, some have trees inside the home, or some are tree houses! I LOVE large windows canapes, 4 post beds, 4 post vintage bathtubs, and I have always wanted a large window in my bathroom- ceiling or on the side wall. Here are some photos that really inspire me the most:

                                                    Living Rooms/Sitting Areas

I love this room so much because I have so many photos in my home, either of photos I have taken or ones I have bought. I would love to do a full wall of photos one day.

This may look a little boring to some, but to me it looks retro 70's and also the touch of wood adds something to it that just makes me love it so much.

 I love this rug so much. Very modern and brightens an entire room. I don't think it'd be my style, but definitely a different look.

 To me, this is vintage, 60's, and girly. I love everything about it. I actually have a table just like the ones in this photo. The mixture of colors are so opposite but flow so well together, esp. with the shag rug.

 Ahhh, I LOVE this room! It is 100% 50's style inspired. I love everything about it. I don't think I could do it, but maybe decorate a small room in a basement or extra bedroom like this to "hang out in". Very classic and cool! love love love. I own so much Marilyn Monroe and 60's things though I could defiantly make a room like this with what I have. I own vintage tables,chairs, luggage, lamps, records.....

This is one of my favorites. I HATE wallpaper, but this vintage looking wallpaper is great. You would only need it on one wall top break up the room. I like the photo collage also that is made, a lot of pictures but not over done. The pillow assortment is pretty also. By the way, I love pillows so much.

This is a fantastic wooden rustic room. I love the leather and the bookshelf across the entire wall

 I love canopies!!! I have always wanted to have a area in a room in my home where I had bunch of pillows with a canopy over it and make that my own private area.  Doesn't this look so cozy? All I want to add in this area is a laptop, journal, and lava lamp and I'd be set. The colors are fantastic


I love this kitchen. Green is not really my style but the window seat in the kitchen is so adorable

 I love this kitchen! The old school fridge, the mixture of wood with black. It has and old style and a modern style

I am in love with checkered anything. My kitchen has checkered stuff all over. I always wanted checkered floor with red curtains. I don't know if I would want it 100% in a bathroom, but from this picture, it is pulled off and put together so well.

This bathroom is so earthy. I love old vintage bathtubs and this bathroom has that plus it is filled with plants all over. If you can't be in a natural open bathroom due to climate ,this would be the best way to give yourself an earthy and nature feel.

A wood panel wall with a stone made tub- perfection

Once again,love the 4 legged vintage tub
                                                              Steal made vintage tub
                             This is such a unique and simple idea for a sink/counter top, I love it!!!


Just like the picture in the one bathroom, I love the wood paneling behind this bed

 This is an amazing bedroom. I love the earthy canopy. A little bit of too many bright colors for me but it works in this photo all put together. I feel like I could wake up happy daily in this bed

 What an amazing bedroom! Look at this awesome light fixture. Plus the multi-colored canopy and drapes around the bed are awesome. I think this one is my favorite.

     This one is obviously a dream come true to get out of bed and walk into your own pool......
 Another beautiful canopy but I love how this is secluded up on top of something to give yourself more room, shelves, and seclusion

                        Small canopy and beauty- reminds me of a nice bed and breakfast room

                                       Beautiful light fixture, very open, roomy, and simple.

 I could never do this because it is too much pink but i love the idea of a vintage refrigerator used as storage! what a unique and great idea!

Extra Stuff

I love the look and color of this house

                                                               I love this book shelf

A home with a perfectly trimmed tree that shapes your house, lovely.

   Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I do!

Hipster Dogs

                                                                  Hipster Dogs


I am in love with this womans beautiful back piece tattoo

Professional Photography Beauty

I love photography. I would love to have the money to have the best camera and I would love to do this for a living, but I never wanted to make my favorite hobby my daily living. Although, I do greatly enjoy photographing animals which works together with my job. Here are some amazing shots I found this week, and not just of animals. It is amazing how much beauty there is in just a simple photo.
Sometimes the best photos are the unexpected, unplanned ones