Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Bedside Manner

                            My experience last night at my neurologist

This dr has been with me for about 2 1/2 years now. I started seeing him about 1 yr after my Domestic Violence attack. After going to many doctors, he was the one finally able to diagnose me with PTSD and figure out what was causing my migraines which were a severe pinched nerve from my neck going up and down into my spine. He started me on different meds and numerous sleep tests and only after a couple of mths I was officially diagnosed and the healing process began.  I was looking forward to this appointment to let him know my migraines have gotten better. But I was also sad because my night terror have been worsening and I have done some research on meds  to help me with sleep/restlessness.

After having sleep tests and studies done, he did diagnose me with sleep apnea. I stopped breathing in my sleep 7 times and was getting 85% oxygen. He said it would be worse if I was at a # over 10 and was at 75-80%. He did recommend a CPAC machine to help  me sleep but my insurance at the time would not cover it. Plus most people with sleep apnea have heart disease, diabetes, or overweight. I am none of those. I never pursued it. When I was there yesterday I gave him my review of my health since I saw him last, which was 6 mths ago. I suggested the meds I would like to try for night terrors. He told me he cannot just put me on a med. He wants to repeat the sleep studies. These studies are not fun and there are 2 of them over night  and I can’t take that time off work, esp. when my case isn’t that severe.  He told me he thinks I am having night terrors because of sleep apnea and no other reason- um, what about my DV attack/memories?! And I’ll put this out there openly but when I first started seeing him I weighed 115lbs. I am 5’2 and that is a normal weight for me but that’s also skinny for me. I looked anorexic, it was bad. It was because of my attack, new meds, no eating, etc. Well now, I weigh 135 and I know I would like to lose about 10 lbs but when you look at me most people wouldn’t call me heavy, overweight, or fat. But guess what, my dr did. And he used the word fat. He said” you probably have a severe sleep apnea and terrors because you are not getting enough oxygen when you sleep because of obstructions in your airway due to being overweight. Basically, you are fat and need to lose weight or your terrors will continue to occur.” I was speechless when he said this to me. He also said he wants to retest me for PTSD by during a 2hr neuro track study (using computer/mind stuff). I am pretty sure that is not the 100% correct way to be diagnosed.

Lastly, he spent about 8 minutes in the exam room with me, I felt like he didn’t have any interest in what I had to say, and most importantly he did not even give me an exam!!! He just ordered tests and left the room. I left in tears. My parents live nearby so I stopped there and told them what happened. It’s quite hard because my mom often tells me I am heavy and it gets to me but after seeing how upset I was, obviously I don’t think she will continue to put me down. Tonight I am going to my regular physician to discuss things and I am going to get a referral from him to a recommend a neuro dr to start over fresh and go from there. I am grateful my neuro doc found my problems, but he tells me only P.T. can treat my pinched nerve and I have to go 3 times a week for 2 yrs. I think he doesn’t want to take the time to really work with me and I am done. I have a severe migraine today because I was so upset all night. I don’t understand how a dr can treat a patient this way and I will never be returning to that practice.
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