Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Bedside Manner

Last night I went to see my physician to be seen to discuss things that me and my AWFUL neuro Dr discussed the night before. I have only seen this Dr 3 times. I saw his coworker for the past 10 yrs almost and recently switched for a new opinion/change. The last few visits were good so I was curious to hear what he had to say about this one.
He came into the exam room after only 3 minutes of me waiting. So far, I was happy. I told him I had a lot of things to discuss with him. He basically sat back and let me go threw over everything that was on my mind and bothering me.

Neuro Info
He told me my neuro dr should have not been focusing on my sleep apnea issues as much as he has. No insurance company will really cover a CPAP machine unless you stop breathing in your sleep over 12 times. I was at 7. He also told me the fact he called me fat was 100% wrong and unprofessional. He told me I am in good health so the best thing to do to prevent any sleep apnea from worsening is to drop JUST 5 lbs and quit smoking- both things I want and plan on doing. He also said he is AMAZED he had not done further testing on my brain such ass cat scans and MRI's , for I have only had 1 done and that was 3 .5 years ago. He said I could def have TBI, PTSD, and memory loss. He said it's odd to want to retest for PTSD and not really needed. The nerve tract test he said is just a series of questions mostly for memory issues and not something really done for PTSD. He told me to call the Mental Health # on the back of my insurance card and get a psychiatric evaluation (not to say I am crazy or anything) but that will 100% determine my PTSD and if i have TBI. He ten gave me 3 #'s to new dr's he would recommend me seeing (I can pick) as a new neurologist.

Night Terrors
In his opinion, there are no such thing as night terrors for adults. He said that is more of a thing/term for children. He said for me I have adult nightmares stemming from a traumatic event. He understands why I have them regardless of having a trigger that day or not, but I def qualify for the symptoms of adult nightmares due to trauma. We discussed my sleep patterns,bedtime manner, etc. He told me to go off the flexerol at nighttime. Instead he put me on Valium. I got a little nervous when he said that since it is such a hardcore drug. He is starting me at the lowest dose and I will be on it for 1 mth and then recheck with him then to see how it works. (I take my first pill tonight) When I get severe migraines and have to go to the hospital, I usually get a cocktail of Valium,benedryl,and something else so I know it relaxes me gooooooood. I am willing to give it a go. I did ask him about Minipress and Trazadone and he said they are good and work, but have more side effects than Valium does, but will try them if the Valium does not work for me.

He also did a full physical, ran a blood work panel, rechecked my thyroid levels, and really talked to me. He thoroughly discussed medications, PTSD, DV, and other things. He was very angry my ex did this to me (obviously) and even more upset he really got nothing for it. He told me talking about things never hurts, it may trigger stuff, but it never hurts. He told me that it has only been 3 YEARS, yes ONLY. He said I am making progress and on the right road, esp by going to dr's, counseling,etc but he said that road of traveling has JUST begun.

I walked out of there feeling happy. My questions were answered, he took his time, and he paid attention to me. This is what a dr is suppose to do.

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