Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Marilyn Debate

I have been in love with Marilyn Monroe for such a long long time. My house is  insanely covered with paintings and photos of her. I have seen all her movies and own them. I have numerous books on her. Her story and life interests me greatly. She was a beautiful person hiding behind a dark soul. The new movie "My Week with Marilyn" gave Michelle Williams a Golden Globe for her performance portraying her during one of her relationships, but also pulled out the deeper side of her, who this woman really was. It is so sad she is no with us and her legend will carry on forever

                                                      Here is the lovely Marilyn Monroe

Now the reason for my post is because I saw online today different photos of actresses "trying" to look like her  or pose like her for either photo shoots,movies, or every day life. Many fail, some just come close don't.Lets face it, their is only one orginale Marilyn and no one can ever replace her.

 Here is my opinion

Drew Barrymore-
I don't think she fails because I don't know if she was really trying to be like Marilyn here or not, but to me Drew always looks stunning!
                                                                    Nicole Kidman-
                                                           Fail fail fail in my opinion

Fail- she looks like an unclassy slutty Marilyn Monroe version

Katharine Mcphee
She is playing an actress/singer in a new t.v. show
 that starts in Feb and at some point she will be auditioning for Marilyn Monroe. I think here she doesn't look like her at all, but at least she looks decent and beautiful. This will do.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton will NEVER have the beauty,grace,or glamour Marilyn did

                                                             Anna Nicole Smith (RIP)
                              Ok so she was kooky and messed up, BUT she did have the voice,the body, the similar habits, so I actually have to say even though I can't compare Marilyn's beauty to Anna, she can some what pull off the Marilyn Monroe look.

                                                                   Scarlett Johansson
People were very angry that Michelle Williams was picked over Scarlett. Everyone seems to think she would have worked better. I do agree as far as body type, but not in the face

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey has posed as Marilyn NUMEROUS times and I must say at times she does an pretty good job looking like her, but she really tries to slut it up too much and Marilyn didn't dress slutty on purpose. Her body and face showed off sexiness, not slutty ways. And to me Lindsey just looks like a crackhead tramp so maybe that's why I find her as Marilyn so unappealing. Yes they do look similar, not really in body, but it doesn't work for me

Original Marilyn on left/Lindsey on right
Lindsey on the left/Original Marilyn on the right

Lindsey on the left/Original Marilyn on the right

Lindsey being Marilyn

And finally we have the winner, Michelle Williams
After all the pictures,videos,movies,etc that I have and seen of Ms.Monroe I think Michelle defiantly nails it the best!!!!

Sex Appeal

In her own thoughts



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