Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bette Davis Eyes

People with BLUE eyes are kind hearted and always look for the best in people. They love with all their heart and are hard to forget about if you ever get the chance to love them. They are the best at pretending they are happy and tend to please others before themselves.

                                      Bette Davis Eyes-Video

My grandmother (my dads mom) has a light blue/grey colored eye. My great grandfather( my moms grandfather/her moms dad) has blue eyes. That's pretty much it for the family tree of blue eyes in my family. I have blue eyes. Sometimes they change to a light green,a grey, a bright blue, a soft blue....I have gotten many compliments on them and in fact they are MY FAVORITE FEATURE. Their is a guy I know that loves reading my eyes and wonders how I change the color. I guess like a mood ring- depending on your mood and feelings. They always glow for him. I don't know what color they get when I change from happy to sad to angry ....but I am thankful for my pretty blues

I have many friends that have beautiful blue eyes but I can't find photos for everyone. But here are a few people I know personally that have AMAZING blue eyes that I do have pictures of:

Tiffany and I grew up next door to each other our entire lives. We were born 3 days apart. We have been friends since 'birth" til now,30 years later. How amazing to have a long friendship like that? And sometimes when we lost touch, we can pick right back up like we missed nothing. Tiffany has a unique Italian beauty. She loves to do wacky awesome things to her hair and she has the prettiest skin that I have always been jealous of. And lastly, her blue eyes- sometimes they look truly green- but also blue. they are light and soft. I love them.


Kristina(Tina) and I met in high school and we are still friends to this day. She is an amazing beautiful person. The last 2 photos are from her wedding,not enhanced- she has eyes the color of the sea.


Lindsey has been my best friend for almost 10 years. She is everything to me. She is a simple beauty and has light blue eyes. I love them....and her!


I met Meagan about 9 years ago from going to concerts and having certain music artists in common. She is from Ohio but now lives in Italy. She has changed so much since we first met and she is just stunning.


                                                     Bryce,me,and Genevieve- trio of blues
I met Genevieve almost 10 years ago through a Jason Mraz message board. She attended a Mraz concert where we met for dinner(same time I met Lindsey) and we (plus Lindsey) have been best friends ever since. She lived in Windsor,Ireland,Toronto,and now Australia. I met Bryce also threw her. We sparkle in blue.

Baby Blues

Stephanie and Sophie

Stephanie and I met in 2nd grade. We have been best friends ever since. Sometimes our friendship has been on and off but we always find a way back to each other and remain solid friends. She gave birth to Sophie 2 1/2 years ago and she has amazing big blue eyes. Stella, her 2nd daughter is due any day now. I am waiting to see if she will sport the blue eye look also

Landon is my friends Chris and Staci's son. He is only about 1 1/2 but he is simply adorable with amazing blue eyes just like his mom and dad

My nephew was born 10/25/11. He is still very young and his eye color can change but right now he has the amazing blues and I hope they stay that way so he can take after me,his Auntie :)

Lastly since this post is about blue eyes and their beauty, I will post pics of my blue eyes for you.

                                    This is me and my old friend Amy. She also has amazing blue eyes
and I/we always thought our eyes looked very similar to each others.I love this photo also so much

What is so amazing to me is that all the woman I posted pictures of have been friends of mine for 9 and plus years. Maybe it says something about blue eyed people. I am so lucky to have these woman in my life.

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