Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Well here we are my friends we are in a new year. Hello 2012. Nothing changes once it hits January 1st except the date. You make promises and resolutions that may or may not last. I make them and set them as a goal for the YEAR not by a specific day. Maybe call me a cheater. This weekend though was a lot of fun. 2011 treated me great. I rediscovered myself in 2011 and loved every moment of being single, taking charges, speaking my mind, and basically not giving a shit! I look forward to more of these actions in 2012.

This weekend other than New Year’s Eve night out, I did nothing. Friday I stated on my couch and rested for the next day. Sunday I recovered all day on my couch, damn what a nasty hangover. And Monday well I watched theMSU game all day which they won 33-30 in 3OT! It was an amazing game but by the time that was done I had zero % interest in taking down my holiday decorations. I did the main things you know like vacuum, laundry, dishes… the decorations come down Saturday. I know they won’t come down during the week after weork due to always have low energy after work!

....But New Year’s eve, ohh NYE was amazing. I was in Hamtramckwhich was the first time I celebrated NYE in hamtown and what a blast it was. My good friend’s tommy and Kathleen held a very nice little party with friends. They cooked amazing food- most of it being meat which I don’t eat- but smelled yummy!!!

The Girls
                                                                   Me and my girl Kathleen :)
Kathleen and Tommy
I hung with them for a while and then decided to hit up a bar. I never really frequent the bar on NYE, just not my thing. Too many people cause me paranoia and anxiety. But Whiskey in the Jar is my 2nd home, I feel safe and comfortable there, and you know you will run into a familiar face, or 5. I had a special guess join me! My friend Tahania made it out to the Whiskey for the first time with her friends where I welcomed her with Jezy, the best blackberry brandy. 

My favorite adorable bartender Tony was working that night

                                      We all drank, and danced, and laughed, and all that good stuff.

The clock strikes 12. Kisses are all exchanged plus some hugs. You hear the fireworks go off, plus the gun shots- I mean duh I am downtown right?! But it didn’t scare me thankfully. No PTSD triggers or panic attacks that evening. Then things got weird and silly....

All I had was a joyous night with friends, old friends, and new friends. I managed to almost take down a full bottle of champagne and as I left the bar that night I ripped my very fashionable bad ass gold tights as I bit it on the ground. My knees are still cut up and hurting bad 3 days later.

The hangover was brutal. I felt like I was reliving the hangover movie! It was so worth it though, some hangovers just are. I am so happy I got to ring it in downtown and with my friends there. Getting back to the grind of things at work is not that pleasant. I was almost 2 ½ weeks FREE of night terrors and over the past 2 nights I had them, they came back. I have been under some stress lately so that could have been why but they really suck. When you have a night terror this is what happens- restless sleep, sweats, waking up feeling totally affected, can’t shake it, stomach pains and back pains from having stress/restless sleep….i could keep going but basically ya they suck. 3 yrs later after my ex attacked me they seem to get worse not better. I always had very vivid dreams and journal them. They have gotten better don’t get me wrong but I guess I am one of those PTSD people at times that feel like I shouldn’t have them by now. There is nothing I do to provoke them , sometimes I can fight them to prevent them but they just suck no matter what.

That's my wrap up though of the New Years Weekends. Hope all of yours was just as good!

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