Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is it ok to eat chocolate cake at midnight?

Last night after I got home from my hair appointment, I was just ready to sit on the couch and relax. I wanted to watch some tv and fall asleep early. I then got an emergency phone call from my friend saying her dogs got into a bad fight. Everything she told me instantly reminded me of the situation that occurred 8/17/2010 when I had to put my beloved Wallace pup to sleep for attacking another dog/aggression,etc etc. It was like she had my story word for word and it scared me, but it scared her more and I knew she needed me. I rushed over there with all the stuff I could find at home to clean up bite wounds- mind you, I had no clue how bloody this was going to be. They have 3 dogs, 2 are pitbulls. I fully support the pitbull breed but you always have to be on guard. So when I got there I checked the dog that was attacked. She seemed to be in good spirits. It was freak thing- no clue why Chance attacked Kiera but their def was some kind of odd trigger. You can never fully trust an animal. Well Kiera turned out to be ok. it was not as near as bad as i thought it would be or could have been. she did have a puncture wound and tiny hole to the side of her head. I cleaned it very good and put some ointment on her. I gave her a full PE also. No I am not a vet, but I am a tech and I know how to evaluate any emergency situation. I checked over cCance and he was fine. But I told him he was a bad boy and kept saying sternly "WHAT DID YOU DO" and he KNEW! I then went over information with them. They have choices- get rid of 1 of them but which one? put to sleep? to soon to decide that. i went over a bunch of training techniques with them and what they should do now. They basically need to start fresh and make the dogs know they are the master. kinda like Cesar Millan, I truly believe in everything that man teaches. So I will help Justine and her boyfriend if needed, they have their hands full with 3 dogs but willing to do this. Justine is also a vet tech student so she has some knowledge but this is as good learning situation for her too. So that took 2 hrs and by then my sleepy meds were kicking in- I took them 20 min before I got the dog bite phone call. I headed home around 12:15. I was so hungry and I didn't wanna cook at that hour. I needed something in my belly though. So I decided to eat chocolate cake. My girl Kathleen bought me the most amazing cake from Eastern Market this past weekend
I highly suggest if you are ever at Eastern Market to pick this up. Or they sell it at a deli/bakery in Ann Arbor. So that was my dinner, at midnight. How is that suppose to help me wanna lose weight and eat better?! Well, I guess I will have to forgive myself this one time. I had a long rough day. Then I slept for only about 6 hrs which was not nearly enough.I then began today- same routine every day. Now that I have been employed for 2 mths I am on a set schedule again. Still very hard for me to wake up early though. I get up at 6:50, hit snooze for 10 minutes, then I am up. Shower, get ready, feed the cats,dog, ferret,and reptiles. Grab my juice or milk for the day plus crackers and a granola bar and I am out the door. Then I am here sitting behind a desk all day making phone calls to vet hospitals trying to get them to sign up with our/my companies. I have the same routine when I get to work too- bathroom,take my meds, eat a banana, turn on computer....Cold calls sucks, they are not fun. I have the ability though to type this blog up in between phone calls/while I am calling places and out on hold. I also get to catch up on my news and other things. It works. I have a cubicle, I am in a little hole to myself. that's OK,i prefer it that way. And that's pretty much where I am at now. Lunch is soon, I get a hr lunch. Sometimes its needed and sometimes it is really unnecessary. Then after today I am so excited to get home and relax for once, I feel like I haven't been able to in  awhile. I have been so stressed about money,work, and my love life that I need more me time- like me and me only. So I plan on making a nice dinner and curling up on the couch to watch Vampire Diaries,Greys Anatomy,Whitney, and The Office. Sounds like a good night to me right? Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and is ALMOST the weekend.

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