Monday, November 21, 2011

Links,pics, and fun stuff!!!

Here are a few fun things I have seen recently that entertain me. Maybe they will entertain you also!

 Read this, I think it's fantastic. I personally like #23 and #29

Kelly Osbourne is rocking a new hair color- grey with violet undertones. Do we like or dislike?

Please see if you can help my friend

I am re posting this for my friend Jason Bosch.
The last 3 years I've been dealing with kidney failure. I feel great, but I need to finds a donor. If your interested in maybe being a match for me it would be greatly appreciated. To get tested call st John transplant @ 313-343-3047. I am eligible for one now, but don't need it yet. I just need to line one up. If your not a match for me maybe you can help someone else out. I am already on a list but a live donor is better. I hate asking and I know I'm not the first. This is real I'm not joking. I know I joke a lot.

This is a hilarious website, check it out

The woman I get my hair style based after, Romi Klinger - star of The Real L Word and jewelry maker has a bad ass website. Check out her website with her thoughts and also check out her jewelry line! It is a little pricey but I love it!

AND LASTLY how can you not get a smile while looking at cute animals? Check out to put a smile on your face whenever it is needed!


  1. Love that list. It really does sum up what it means to live a free and creative life. What I'm striving for every day.

    Don't love Kelly's hair color. Think it ages her quite a bit. But I do think on a shorter spikier do like yours it would be more edgy and cool.

    Hope your friend finds a donor. Wish I was able to get tested, but until I'm done having kids I gotta keep both of 'em around...

  2. Thank you for the feedback!
    and glad you like that list too. It def is a great one!

    I hope my friend finds a donor too. I want to get tested but I am not sure if I can be due to medical issues.