Monday, November 21, 2011

Goobye Michigan,Hello North Carolina! Plus weekend update

Good morning friends. It is a chilly Monday morning here in Michigan, 34 degrees to be exact. Eeek. Tis the season right? Well I thought I'd share what was on my mind and give a weekend wrap up!
Friday night I went and saw Breaking Dawn with my girls!!!!
So I have indeed read all the books and I always find the books to be better than the movies, the have so much more detail and I always found with the Twilight series so much more is taken out. It frustrates me. Oh well, what do you do? But when it came to Breaking Dawn Part 1, soooo much more was cut out than I could have imagined! It was about 2 hours and yes it was really good. I love the series and don't think I'll ever hate the movies, but it wasn't as amazing as expected. I think it could have been more amazing with less stuff cut out from the book, a lot of major story lines were cut. But the wedding,the honeymoon, the pregnancy, and how they made Bella look was all amazing. I also know part 1 doesn't have as much action as part 2 of the book and what the movie will have, it's kind of like the beginning intro. But dammit, I got to wait 1 yr to see it! Bummer. After the movie I went to the girls house. I saw their first apartment, I am so proud of these ladies! They did all the work themselves and it looks fantastic! we got to catch up too, it was great. lovely friend night.
Then Saturday I did all my errands. I went to Kohl's and got a hoodie for me and a scarf and some gifts for my niece and nephew. I also wanted to buy EVERYTHING! They had major sales going on and so many beautiful clothes in the woman's department. I hate being broke when you need and want new clothes :/ I did find a super cool new toy!! Check out this link!
You can make cupcakes,muffins,donut,etc all within like 5 minutes and small amounts. It works great when you want to make a small bundle or good for a single living alone person haha like me. I ALWAYS make way to much pasta and food for myself. this is a great product!
After Kohl's I went to Hobby Lobby and Target- more freaking sales, god dammit!!!
I did pick up a cute new hat
I also got 2 cds for my drive- The new Coldplay and also Breaking Dawn Soundtrack. I browsed a bit and looked at things keeping my checkbook and debit card away from me. I was there to shop for things on my list to get stuff for my vacation and other little reasons. It really sucks.The only thing that helped me was the amount of people in the stores. I was almost sweating and my anxiety gets to high with that many people.So it was a good excuse to get in,get out.
Then after all that was done I just relaxed Saturday evening and watched tv.
Sunday I slept in super late but I got everything done I needed to- I am shocked still today that I did. I vacuumed,mopped,cleaned,yard work,raked leaves,did ALLLLL laundry-mine and the "pets", tended to all animals such as bathing,nail trimming,etc. The list does on and then I had to pack! Ugh. It def. was a non stop day.
I always over pack too, does anyone ever seem to have that problem also? The weather in NC is going to be 55-65, that's a big difference, in my opinion. I always gotta bring outfits for any occasion. But hey no biggie to me, I rather have everything I want or need.
 But what got me when I was packing was how much I wished I was packing indefinitely to be moving there. My face lights up when I think of NC, maybe because I look forward to it or maybe because I am ready for that change. Whatever the reason, I am just content with my decision to want to move to NC and I SHALL make it happen.

Louis was helping me pack and organize things

 It just has to do with money and if I had some more I'd be there right now living! Plus all the stores I hit up over the weekend made me want to go into total redecoration mode!!! Sadly the downer part of my weekend was these damn nightmares. I take my meds that I am suppose to at night but sometimes I can't battle threw these night terrors. And even when I am having an amazing dream, somehow it turns into a bad one. My muscles in my neck are super tense and my back,mostly lower,ACHES. I think it's due to the way I sleep-tossing,turning,and fighting things off. I feel like a solider on the battlefield. I love the room I in at my brother place in NC.It's in the basement,soundproof, and no windows so PITCH black and darkness. I can not wait to sleep and get rest all though as much as I just want to sleep I won't, I have two babies I want to play with!
So now I am at work writing this in between phone calls or while I am placed on hold. I am praying the day files by. I have a few things to get done tonight, but then I am packing up my car and getting some shut eye. I plan to leave by 6:30-7 am. It is an 11 hr drive,maybe 30 min more but I want to leave on time so I don't get caught driving in the mountains super late!!! I did it last Thanksgiving and it can be kind of scary!I don't have  Internet at my brother house and it's too hard to blog on my tiny cell phone so this will be my last blog for the week. I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and I will up date when I get back!!

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