Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Weekend Friends

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am beyond excited it is Friday and it has been one long week that I have been praying to rush by.I have just been feeling off today- weird feeling in my throat,very tired, and my pinched nerve area is very flared up and sore, ouch my shoulders hurt. I have decided to take my muscle relaxer and drink a mt dew to help solve these problems for the time being.We shall see.....
I am off work in about 2 hrs. I am very excited about tonight though. Call me silly for loving vampires but I do. And I will be seeing the much awaited Breaking Dawn Part 1 this evening.

I have read all the books, I own them all, and I own all the soundtracks. I am in love with the story line, minus the fact that vampires glitter and werewolves boys parade around in tiny tight ripped jean shorts. But the story of Edward and Bell just gets to me, I adore it. I always liked vampires from back in the day and that love continues by any new vampire movie or t.v. show,even if they are cheesy and silly. Every time a Twilight movie comes out, me and my friends Janelle and her girlfriend/fiance go and see it opening night. I remember when New Moon came out and I was in the hospital 24hrs before for a severe ulcer and vomiting blood but somehow I went to the movies still the next day. I guess that proves my love for the movie...and my friends.
I don't see them as much as I used to.They used to live next door to me up until like 2 yrs ago. So tonight is not just a movie night, but a catch up night and they bought a new apartment so I am excited to see that! Here is a pic of me and my lesbian bitches, which is what I call them. We have lots of fun names for each other :) Laura is the one with the hat one and Janelle is,well the other girl!

The rest of my weekend consists of many things:

Stocking my house with pet food
Errands at target,petsmart,Kohl's,hobby lobby
Cleaning the house
Reorganizing some things/putting things way-  I got a bunch of vintage clothes,purses, and shoes that my grandma was gonna pitch!!!! So I gotta sort threw all this awesomeness I got!
Tons of laundry and house cleaning
Raking leaves
I know those are only a few things and it doesn't sound like much but it is. I am very ocd so I make TO DO LISTS and this one is big and long. Ah well, I should get it done but I won't be doing anything fun this weekend except the movie tonight.
Monday I work and then Tuesday around 6:30a.m, so I hope, I am headed down to Greensboro,NC and I CAN NOT WAIT!

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