Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Survive a Monday- think of the future

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a nice weekend. My weekend was calm and relaxing. I stayed in the entire weekend- well stayed in means stayed away from the bar! I saved money from not drinking and saved my body from any type of hangover.  I had a nice movie night with my friend Teri on Friday. We watched The Change Up- I highly recommend it, it was so damn funny. Here I am just enjoying a nice relaxing night.

I went to bed and I had an awful nights rest. I suffer from nightmares and night terrors. I had absolutely no triggers to make me have these dreams except the stress of a situation that has gone on with me over the past 4 weeks. that situation is done now,thankfully, and the story will be told at some point soon.... (Genevieve i know, i still owe you an email) But it was awful, I woke up 3 times crying and my body was full of sweat. I usually like 85% always remember my dreams, but these I couldn't pinpoint who was in my dream this time which scares me more. So after sleeping almost 12 hrs which is insane, I felt like I slept for only 2 hrs. My holy mind and body was 100% out of wack ,shaking,and feeling abnormal for a good 5 hrs. I did my quick errands (petsmart and the dollar store) and came home.
My girl Lindsey then joined me and we watched American Horror Story. If you haven't started watching this show I also highly recommend you do that now too- American Horror Story info,photos,etc

Having Lindsey over made my evening. To chat with her and hang with her makes me feel so good and always helps my mind settle.She is the most amazing best friend and when I move summer 2012 to North Carolina I have no clue what I am going to do without her. Here is me and Lindsey, our most recent photo, haha- Halloween 2011. She was a witch and I was Chong.

Then on Sunday was the normal Sunday- it was a windy half sunny Fall day but I did get some amazing photos of the trese-before their leaves are blown away!

 I got an oil change,grocery shopping, hit up Victoria's secret(7 panties for 26 bucks, how can you beat that!??!! ) I came home and did yard work,laundry,and cleaned the house. By 7pm I was finally done, phew. I made yummy tacos and watched a line up of great TV shows. And here I am now, on 7 hrs of sleep and wide awake and feeling good today.

I just hope this week flies by, I am leaving to go to North Carolina on the 22ndfor a week to see and stay with my family, hang with my adorable niece Adah and meet my new 3 week old nephew!!!  Look how cute he is- Sullivan Bruce, I can't wait to meet you.
 So how am I going to survive this Monday, or hell the rest of the week? I am going to keep busy by packing and getting stuff organzied at home and ready for my trip.
Most importantly I will think of the future- as in next week. :)

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