Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hair care? Don't care!!!

Well I could start this blog by retelling all my stories, but I am not going to do that. They will come in time when I am ready to ahve story time. For now, I will tell you about my past 24hrs.- well this blog is about hair. :)

I had a long day at work yesterday, I was 100% exhausted-physically,mentally,and emotionally for I have been going threw somew rough crap over the past few weeks(that story will be told at some pt) But I felt excited to go to the hair salon after work. Everytime I go there I am happy. I have been seeing my current stylist for 10 yrs and we have a close bond.  I always like to change up my cut and color- i am risky. Although I would be riskier if I didn't have a "professional job": such as dying my hair HOT pink. So I have been rocking a mini little mohawk for about 2 mths now and I love it. It takes time to get used to it but I really think it suites me,for now...until I get bored.
My inspiration was Romi Klinger who I discovered by watching The R L Word on Showtime. She  is an amazing jeweler designer and a powerful woman. This is where I got the inspiration for my hair cut:
She is so beautiful right?! and you can see some of her designer line that she is wearing- check out her site, its great and unique. she is very free spirited. Well anyways,  I got it cut this way and have been rocking it for a bit now but at this appointment I had last night I wanted to change it up a bit. The sides needed to be cut in more, my hair was looking to box- like shaped on top. And I last dyed my hair a nice choc. bornw, which stayed so good and I loved- but I always need more than 1 color in my hair.Thats just me, esp when it comes to red....huge fan

So Romi then decided to dye her hair hot pink sayng "Pink Hair.Don't care" I think it looks amzing on her. I want the balls to do this. I have had light pink and all sots of red, but how hot is this? Well too bad I work in a professional work place where I think they'd not be accepting of it,least not for me- I have only have been here for 2 mths. So instead I went for brown again, with a light tint of purple to bring out the color. After the mohawk was trimmed (I keep my back longer than Romi does to form a full mohawk) my hairdresser added red to the mohawk and tips. It actually blends very naturally and I really like it!!!  



  1. So cool. Your hairdresser is amazing. Wish you could go all the way with the pink too but the purple and red suit you!! You rock star!!

  2. Yas she rocks. she always gets what I want by cut or color. i don't know what I am going to do when I move out of state, no one gets my hair,or me, like she does!!! Thanks for the comment, I tryt o be the best rock star I can be. :)

  3. oh and your blog is so much cooler looking than me!!