Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amazing jewels

So while I was in North Carolina I rediscovered my love for jewelry. I have to be in the mood to wear a bracelet, but I am usually a fan of wearing a necklaces or earrings or both. In Greensboro and Raleigh I went to a few shops where a lot of stores carried homemade designs from local artists. Designs included purses,Jewelry,clothes,pills,soaps, lotions, pillows. The pillows at the Greensboro store won my vote because they were of owls and my sister in law and niece love them so I got a very cool handmade owl pillow for my niece Adah.

In Greensboro,NC I went to and they have the best vintage stuff I have ever seen! Such amazing prices. In the vintage side I found a beautiful beaded orange necklace. I also got a ring that was made out of a wooden button, so simple yet so cute

On the homemade designer side,the designer for these items on the link I provided was there when I was browsing. He was super nice(plus he owns 6 french bulldogs so he won my vote!) We talked a bit about his designs. He really has some amazing stuff. I got this great bracelet from his collection- the beading is made out of bone fragments held together by a wooden clapse

I also got 2 more rings- one is a black rose and the other is silver wire with a black stone in the middle. (all handmade)

                                                    Here is a picture of all my buys!

They also had a really cool Tea section in the local designers section. They had teacups- one with Johnny Cash that says "burns burns burns" and one with Lionel Richie that says "hello"

                                                  But this one has to be my favorite:

I have also rediscovered my love for jewels and accessories I already have. Seen in thes pictures- a sweet necklace and scarf I bought 6 mths back from Nordstroms

And check out this link from celeb Nicole Richie, she is feeling the same way as I am!


  1. LOVE your jewelry finds!! That bracelet is especially cool. And I'm so wanting that Mr. T Tea Pot. How freaking cool is that?! Glad you had a fun trip and got such cool stuff ; )

  2. thanks Alexia!!!!!
    you can order stuff online if you like from them- go to the link for the website i posted. you can order stuff threw them by clicking each booth and that brings you to the artists homepage/website or FB page

    The link for the tea stuff is