Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's only Tuesday?

Happy Tuesday friends.

What a crazy last 4 days it has been...............

Friday night I was 100% eager to get to the bar a.s.a.p after I got off work. I hit up my favorite bar and saw some of my kickass friends- I swear Whiskey in the Jar has been my favorite bar for a few years now and I have no clue what I am going to do when I move to NC. No bar will ever be able to replace it- the drinks,the people, the bartenders, the environment, etc...It saddens me. It's like Cheers "where everybody knows your name". It's 100% true. Very small bar and small city= everyone knowing another or by name or by face. Anyways, as always after being away from the bar for a bit due to vacation and busy times, I had to drink up...and I sure did. I also hit up the The Two Way Inn bar that night. It was a great night and I felt home again. It's the only place I really feel comfortable in and at and I never thought I'd feel that way about Hamtramck. Gosh, I wish I could move that city with me.

Saturday I took a personal day- I watched friends with benefits. It was a fantastic movie. Mila Kunis is beautiful, Justine timberlake is beautiful, and the storyline was great. Not too chessy which you expect from movies like this! Great story, lots of laughs, great one liners, and I highly recc. seeing it!

                                 I also watched the big MSU game....and sadly watched them lose.

Sunday was my typical Sunday- cleaning the house, tending to me pets needs,etc etc. Weekends are def not long enough. Monday was suppose to be a full work day but many things occurred- I overslept because my power was out and my alarm didn't go off, my basement got flooded from all the rain and the sump pump was not working, and lastly I got a very bad migraine. Ugh what a long annoying day it was. And here we are today on Tuesday- a bit of a migraine still, my head feels like it's 5x the size,and my body- oh my,soooo sore. All my muscles ache and everything on me hurts, didn't think that was possible.

I was gonna update my blog today by blogging about NC but sadly I am not in the mood. I am in a frumpy mood today. It's the 2nd week of December- I am nowhere near being in the Christmas mood/spirit- we got snow last night(only like an inch) but that didn't help. I am so low on money that it's gonna be hard to buy Christmas gifts and that makes me sad because I love gift giving. And I am so tired by the weekend that putting up my Christmas tree and decorations makes me dread the weekend but it must be done. It's my last Xmas here in MI, or so I hope, and I need my tree up for memories. Christmas over the past few yrs have been hard. 4 yrs ago is when I met Timm and that was a crazy Christmas month and ride of December, it always brings back triggers. I felt so in love with him...if I had only knew the outcome. Last year me and my ex boyfriend Scott broke up 3 days before Christmas after a year of dating and my depression began for a good 2 mths..... my Holiday was awful. I was told by my family all those typical things- nagging me about a boyfriend/husband, a child, to suck it up, etc. This yr it is not too different. Still alone and single BUT proud this year of that.

On a good note in my opinion for me coming up it will be 1 yr -12-22-11- that I have been single. Sure I have dated, met some men, etc but I have been 100% single for one year. This is news to me and everyone else that knows me!  It's been a long time. I actually have found 2011 to have been an amazing yr for me, minus the month of October. I got to do many amazing things, met so many new people, and really refocused on myself. I have become a stronger older version of Andrea and I am happy where I am right now.....minus a few things. I am unhappy with my job, at times I do wish I had "that special someone", and I want to be living in NC.  Living in NC and the job situation will change in about 8 mths or so that's the plan, so I must keep that positive thought in my head.As far as the man thing- who knows when going to be 100% ready to fully give my heart away again. 
I just can't get into the holiday spirit. And blogging about my NC trip and sharing pictures makes me even more sad esp since I can't spend the holidays with my family. I will blog about NC soon though, it will actually make me relive the joy, but not feeling it today.... I usually love looking at Christmas lights and doing all the fun stuff Downtown Detroit has to offer during this season, but damn this is one busy month and I don't have the time or I don't have the energy it seems. I wish december wasn't such a blah month for me either, it seems to be when hibernation starts for myself(and many others), the cold weather comes in, and so far December has not treated me wonderfully.

So after all my bithcing in the blog, I will end this blog with a positive note- I hope this week and month get better for me and are good for all youas well out there. Mostly important- I want to finish 2011 with a smile.

                                                   LETS KICK THIS ASSES WEEK!!!

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