Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Splashworthy Adventures

After Thanksgiving in North Carolina was over our family had 2-3 more days together so the adventures had to continue. The fall weather was lovely and we had many options- but nothing is a better option than swimming!!! 4 months ago when I was with my family last we were at the ocean in Hilton Head,SC. Adah got to actually play in the water, swim, build sand castles, etc. She even went swimming in the pool at our vacation complex and zoomed around in a cute yellow floater. It was so wonderful and fun to play with her in the water. Can you imagine what 4 mths can do and change? I mean this little girl is saying so many words and almost sentences, she seems to know what you are talking about, she listens damn well, and she repeats what you say. So if you tell her we are going swimming, it didn't take much to convince her. My dad was the most excited about this. I decided to NOT slip into a swimsuit. I feel I shouldn't be in a swim suit unless it is summer or I am on some beautiful island. Plus I wanted to stand back and watch her play and be the photographer (last vacation I took almost 1400 pictures, this time I did better, only 725)

                           Now this blog is more just pictures than words, hope you enjoy it

                                                Here is Sullivan hanging out by the pool

 Adah in her floater and enjoy the water!

                                                     Adah trying to jump to my brother
Aw, riding on her daddy's back, how precious!
And again....!
   My mom enjoying her time with Sullivan

                                               Now it is my turn to enjoy holding Sullivan!

This was the most precious moment. First off, the way my dad looks at Adah is heavenly. He loves this little girl so much. It reminds me a lot of how the relationship was with me and my grandpa(my dads dad). He wants to be around her all the time and it's so quite. Here they are in the warm hot tub. Adah loves bubbles and they were flowing in the jacuzzi! She thought it was fun to rub the bubbles on her grandpa face. Fun, silly playtime, but def a heartfelt moment.

 Here they are looking like they are having an adult conversation
                     Now it is splash time! Another fun moment between Adah and her grandpa


Me putting clothes on Sullivan

                                                                       taaaaaa dah!!!!!             
                       Swimming is all done and she is rocking her cute new outfit from me :)


  1. LOVE the pics!! Those kids are so cute! And it is so incredibly precious to see your Dad with Adah. I can't tell you how often I look at Cedella and wonder how in love my Dad would be with her if he was here. So precious!

  2. Thank you! I didn't make a blog of the pictures from the wildlife park but the pics are posted on my FB,check them out- those are super cute too.
    Yes it is very cute how my dad is with her. It's how me and my grandpa were when he was alive.