Friday, February 3, 2012

Purple Hair, Don't Care

So I have  pretty much had my hair cut in NUMEROUS ways and have had many colors of the rainbow in my hair...
Black and Magenta (Also have done Black, Black and Red, and Red)

                                                                        Dark Maroon

                                                      I am not sure what this is/was

                                                       Brown w/ pin curls and waves

So since September I have been sporting the Hawk- fohawk,Mohawk, whatever you want to call it. It has taken around 3 trimmings to get it down to how I like it. The sides are shaved and I do say I have a Mohawk. Well now I needed color. I was very inspired by Kelly Osbourne recently with her violet color under her grey so I starting looking into Violet and plum. This is what I found for example:

So last night I went to the salon. I really needed some pampering after a long rough work week.
Because my hair had an orangy brown tint to it and purple and brown are neutral on the color wheel, the 12st try wasn't going to come out perfect. It will take more than one try to dye it. My stylist of 10 years did a purple mixed with a magenta. It came out maroon like with a fade  purple. So I am going back next week to get it dyed again and it should be plum. Also the sides are short and the cut is great but I may get balls and take a clipper to the sides, not bald but shaved. I am excited!!!!!!
Here is what my hair currently came out like:

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