Friday, February 3, 2012

Beauty is all around us

I love looking at beauty, as I have posted before. It can be a bulding, scenery, a person, anything- if you find it beautiful then it is. Here is what I found this week

Dianna Argon
Not only is she an amazing actress and singer on Glee, but she has grace and beauty. Her website is also amazing- so much to look at, learn, and read. I advise you to check it out. She interacts with people and they can post beauty. Very cool concept.

Dianna at the SAG awards 1/29/12

                                                   Vintage Dog -classic and beautiful

Obviously we know Italy is beautiful, that it the truth. My friend lives there and I have posted a few of her pics before. I wanted to share these amazing photos she posted today- "Snowfall in Italy"

Little Boys

Children are cute, that is not a lie. Not all though are (I know shame on me haha) and this is odd coming from me-someone that does not want kids. But I can admit to their fun,cute faces, adorable tiny toes, and amazing ways they grow and learn
Her is my friends little polish prince. He is becoming a star in Hamtramck!

Kelly Osbourne

You are probably wondering why I am pickjing her right?! I love her. I love who she has become, her strength and her open mind. She is not afraid to say anything and does not care who judges her. She is also the only person I have seen that can ROCK gray/violet undertoned color hair!

And to sum up all Beauty....

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